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MAY 2013     

CWM Chartered Certified Wealth Manager  ® -  Reg.


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Dear Fellows and Certified AAFM Members.  

It is time to renew your CWM ®  Certification from the AAFM® America Academy of Financial Management ®  - Certifying Board and Accreditation Council  

Here is the renew Link for YOUR CWM ™ Certification - Stay Certified Click Here

To receive your updated professional designation, member and fellow documentation, and to have your name remain on the global verification list, please renew your credentials today.  

Also, as a  CWM ™ Certified member benefit, you are eligible to apply and register for the US Masters Designation if you are already a CWM Certified Member. Please Register Here for   - MFP ® Master Financial Planner ® Charter Designation and Board Certification ® .   Register for MFP Here:  

MFP ® Master Financial Planner Charter Designation and Board Certification ®   

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For AAFM Approved online education from an accredited institution and certification training in wealth management, risk management, AML, global estate planning, international taxation, compliance, or investment management, *Please Apply to Attend our Approved Online Certification Courses at the Accredited Law School - * http://LLMPROGRAM.ORG


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