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 <option value="">Category</option> <option label="Accounting" value="1">Accounting</option> <option label="AML" value="25">AML</option> <option label="Anti Corruption" value="27">Anti Corruption</option> <option label="Asset Management" value="28">Asset Management</option> <option label="Asset Management" value="19">Asset Management</option> <option label="Banking" value="2">Banking</option> <option label="Cost Accounting" value="3">Cost Accounting</option> <option label="Leadership Certification" value="4">Leadership Certification</option> <option label="Compliance Certifications" value="29">Compliance</option> <option label="Corporate Banking" value="37">Corporate Banking</option> <option label="Corporate Finance" value="5">Corporate Finance</option> <option label="Corporate Governance" value="6">Corporate Governance</option> <option label="Corporate Social Responsibility" value="32">Corporate Social Responsibility</option> <option label="Cost Control" value="7">Cost Control</option> <option label="E-Banking" value="8">E-Banking</option> <option label="E-Commerce eBusiness Certification" value="9">E-Commerce</option> <option label="Economist Certification" value="35">Economics</option> <option label="Financial Analyst" value="34">Financial Analyst</option> <option label="Financial Management" value="10">Financial Management</option> <option label="Financial Services Sector" value="23">Financial Services Sector</option> <option label="General" value="11">General</option> <option label="Governance Certification" value="30">Governance</option> <option label="Insurance Certification" value="18">Insurance</option> <option label="Banking Certification" value="31">Internet Banking</option> <option label="Investment Certification" value="33">Investment</option> <option label="Islamic Finance" value="21">Islamic Finance Certification</option> <option label="Marketing Certification" value="12">Marketing Certified </option> <option label="Management Certification" value="12">Management Certification</option> <option label="Financial Analyst Certification" value="13">Markets</option> <option label="Asset Management" value="24">Asset Management</option> <option label="Management Consultant Certification" value="17">Management Consulting Certification</option> <option label="International Tax Certification" value="36">International Tax Certification</option> <option label="Risk Management Certified" value="14">Risk Management</option> <option label="Financial Planning Certification" value="38">Financial Planning Certification</option> <option label="Trust and Estate Planning" value="20">Trust and Estate Planning</option> <option label="Wealth Management" value="16">Wealth Management</option> </select> </div><div class="contentStyle13b"><select name="CERTIFICATION" id="CERTIFICATION"> <option value="">Certification</option> <option label="Accounting Certification" value="179">Accounting Certification</option> <option label="Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA)" value="1">Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA)</option> <option label="Accredited Financial Manager (AFM)" value="2">Accredited Financial Manager (AFM)</option> <option label="Accredited Financial Specialist (AFS)" value="3">Accredited Financial Specialist (AFS)</option> <option label="Acquisitions &amp; Joint Ventures Summit (AAFM Certified Post-Summit Workshop)" value="128">Acquisitions &amp; Joint Ventures Summit (AAFM Certified Post-Summit Workshop)</option> <option label="Advanced Financial Analysis Skills" value="171">Advanced Financial Analysis Skills</option> <option label="Certified Financial Analysis" value="123">Certified Financial Analysis</option> <option label="Asset Allocation &amp; Structured Products" value="84">Asset Allocation &amp; Structured Products</option> <option label="Associates" value="108">Associates</option> <option label="Capital Markets Analyst (CMA)" value="149">Capital Markets Analyst (CMA)</option> <option label="Master Quality Manager" value="130">Quallity Management Certification</option> <option label="Certified and Chartered Exposure Analyst" value="4">Certified and Chartered Exposure Analyst</option> <option label="Certified and Chartered Exposure Planner" value="5">Certified and Chartered Exposure planner</option> <option label="Certified and Chartered International Tax Analyst (CITA)" value="88">Certified and Chartered International Tax Analyst (CITA)</option> <option label="Certified and Licensed Financial Director (CFD)" value="6">Certified and Licensed Financial Director (CFD)</option> <option label="Certified Asset Protection Analyst (CAPA)" value="122">Certified Asset Protection Analyst (CAPA)</option> <option label="Certified Budget Analyst (CBA)" value="7">Certified Budget Analyst (CBA)</option> <option label="Certified Cash Flow Manager (CCFM)" value="60">Certified Cash Flow Manager (CCFM)</option> <option label="Qualified Investment  Banker (CIB)" value="72">Certified Banker (CIB)</option> <option label="Certified Compliance Officer (CCO)" value="67">Certified Compliance Officer (CCO)</option> <option label="Certified Corporate Banker (CCB)" value="151">Certified Corporate Banker (CCB)</option> <option label="Certified Corporate Economist (CCE)" value="8">Certified Corporate Economist (CCE)</option> <option label="Certified Cost Accountant (CCA-(Accountant))" value="112">Certified Cost Accountant (CCA-(Accountant))</option> <option label="Certified Cost Controller (CCC)" value="71">Certified Cost Controller (CCC)</option> <option label="Certified Credit Analyst (CCA- (Credit))" value="30">Certified Credit Analyst (CCA- (Credit))</option> <option label="Certified Development Analyst" value="9">Certified Development Analyst</option> <option label="Certified e-Commerce Consultant (CEC)" value="61">Certified e-Commerce Consultant (CEC)</option> <option label="Certified Ecommerce Manager" value="89">Certified Ecommerce Manager</option> <option label="Certified Emerging Markets Specialist (CEMS)" value="104">Certified Emerging Markets Specialist (CEMS)</option> <option label="Certified Financial Marketing Analyst" value="11">Certified Financial Marketing Analyst</option> <option label="Certified Fixed Income Specialist (CFIS)" value="177">Certified Fixed Income Specialist (CFIS)</option> <option label="Certified General Insurance Analyst (CGIA)" value="137">Certified General Insurance Analyst (CGIA)</option> <option label="Certified in Corporate Finance (CCF)" value="12">Certified in Corporate Finance (CCF)</option> <option label="Certified in Investment Management (CIM)" value="13">Certified in Investment Management (CIM)</option> <option label="Certified Interactive Marketing Manager" value="90">Certified Interactive Marketing Manager</option> <option label="Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)" value="106">Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)</option> <option label="Certified Islamic Compliance Officer (CICO)" value="160">Certified Islamic Compliance Officer (CICO)</option> <option label="Certified Islamic Contracts Specialist (CICS)" value="156">Certified Islamic Contracts Specialist (CICS)</option> <option label="Certified Islamic Markets Specialist (CIMS)" value="158">Certified Islamic Markets Specialist (CIMS)</option> <option label="Certified Islamic Risk Analyst (CIRA)" value="157">Certified Islamic Risk Analyst (CIRA)</option> <option label="Certified Islamic Wealth Manager (CIWM)" value="155">Certified Islamic Wealth Manager (CIWM)</option> <option label="Certified Legal Analyst (CLA)" value="15">Certified Legal Analyst (CLA)</option> <option label="Certified Loan Analyst" value="16">Certified Loan Analyst</option> <option label="Certified Qualified M&amp;A Analyst (MA)" value="82">Certified MA)</option> <option label="Certified Mortgage Analyst (CMA)" value="74">Certified Mortgage Analyst (CMA)</option> <option label="Certified Online Banking Analyst" value="17">Certified Online Banking Analyst</option> <option label="Certified Operational Risk Manager (CORM)" value="75">Certified Operational Risk Manager (CORM)</option> <option label="Certified or Chartered Coverage Analyst (CCA_C)" value="18">Certified or Chartered Coverage Analyst (CCA_C)</option> <option label="Certified or Chartered Hazard Analyst (CHA)" value="20">Certified or Chartered Hazard Analyst (CHA)</option> <option label="Certified or Chartered Liability Analyst (CLA)" value="21">Certified or Chartered Liability Analyst (CLA)</option> <option label="Certified or Chartered Liability Planner (CLP)" value="22">Certified or Chartered Liability Planner (CLP)</option> <option label="Certified Political Consultant (CPC)" value="25">Certified Political Consultant (CPC)</option> <option label="Certified Private Banker (CPB)" value="26">Certified Private Banker (CPB)</option> <option label="Certified Private Equity Specialist (CPES)" value="66">Certified Private Equity Specialist (CPES)</option> <option label="Certified Retail Banking Officer (CRBO)" value="164">Certified Retail Banking Officer (CRBO)</option> <option label="Certified Risk Analyst (CRA)" value="142">Certified Risk Analyst (CRA)</option> <option label="Certified Takaful Specialist (CTS)" value="159">Certified Takaful Specialist (CTS)</option> <option label="Certified Trade Finance Specialist (CTFS)" value="121">Certified Trade Finance Specialist (CTFS)</option> <option label="Certified Trade Finance Specialist (CPTS)" value="162">Certified Trade Finance Specialist (CPTS)</option> <option label="Certified Valuation Manager (CVM)" value="14">Certified Valuation Manager (CVM)</option> <option label="Certified Venture Capital Analyst" value="28">Certified Venture Capital Analyst</option> <option label="Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Consultant (CAMC)" value="87">Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Consultant (CAMC)</option> <option label="Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMO)" value="69">Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMO)</option> <option label="Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)" value="29">Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)</option> <option label="Chartered Commodities Analyst (Chartered Commodities Analyst)" value="129">Chartered Commodities Analyst (Chartered Commodities Analyst)</option> <option label="Chartered Compliance and Fraud Analyst (CCFA)" value="109">Chartered Compliance and Fraud Analyst (CCFA)</option> <option label="Chartered Corporate Economist (CCE)" value="154">Chartered Corporate Economist (CCE)</option> <option label="Chartered Cost Controller (CCC)" value="19">Chartered Cost Controller (CCC)</option> <option label="Chartered Credit Manager (CCM)" value="140">Chartered Credit Manager (CCM)</option> <option label="Chartered Economist (ChE)" value="134">Chartered Economist (ChE)</option> <option label="Chartered Family Office Manager (CFOM)" value="132">Chartered Family Office Manager (CFOM)</option> <option label="Chartered Investment Manager" value="34">Chartered Investment Manager</option> <option label="Chartered Market Analyst (FAD-CMA)" value="57">Chartered Market Analyst (FAD-CMA)</option> <option label="Chartered Mortgage Analyst (ChMA)" value="35">Chartered Mortgage Analyst (ChMA)</option>\ <option label="Chartered Portfolio Manager (AAFM &reg;) (CPM (Hons.))" value="115">Chartered Certified Portfolio Manager (AAFM ®.) (CPM AAFM ®)</option> <option label="Qualified Private Banker (QPB)" value="37">Qualified Chartered Private Banker (CPB)</option> <option label="Master Risk Manager (MRM)" value="27">Master Risk Manager (MRM)</option> <option label="Chartered Risk Analyst  (CRA)" value="146">Chartered Risk Analyst (CRA)</option> <option label="Management Consultant Professional (MCP)" value="38">Management Consultant Professional (MCP)</option> <option label="Chartered Trust and Estate Planner (CTEP)" value="39">Chartered Trust and Estate Planner (CTEP)</option> <option label="Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)" value="40">Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)</option> <option label="Chartered Wealth Manager (AAFM &reg;) (CWM )" value="113">Chartered Wealth Manager (AAFM ®) (CWM AAFM ®)</option> <option label="Corporate Finance &ndash; Cost Control (CCC)" value="97">Corporate Finance – Cost Control (CCC)</option> <option label="Master Corporate Governance Analyst (MCGA)" value="65">Master Corporate Governance Analyst (MCGA) </option> <option label="Financial Analysis Designation Certificate (FAD-CMA)" value="81">Financial Analysis Designation Certificate (FAD-CMA)</option> <option label="Financial Analyst Designate (FAD)" value="100">Financial Analyst Designate (FAD)</option> <option label="Financial Analyst Designate - Chartered Market Analyst (Financial Analyst Designate-Chartered Market Analyst(FAD-CMA)" value="133">Financial Analyst Designate - Chartered Market Analyst (Financial Analyst Designate-Chartered Market Analyst(FAD-CMA)</option> <option label="AAFM &reg;  Financial Analyst Designation (FAD)" value="176">Financial Analyst Designation (FAD)</option> <option label="AAFM &reg;  Registered Financial Analys (GFA/RFA)" value="41">AAFM Registered Financial Analyst (GFA/RFA)</option> <option label="AAFM &reg;  Accredited Financial Planner (AFP)" value="42">Accredited Financial Planner (AFP)</option> <option label="AAFM &reg;  Global Financial Specialist (GFS)" value="43"> Global Financial Specialist (GFS)</option> <option label="Improving Management Performancie" value="170">Improving Management Performance</option> <option label="International Masters Certification  in Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance (Mas. Cert AML)" value="153">International Masters Certification in Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance (Mas. Cert AML)</option> <option label="International Masters Certification  In Corporate Finance (Mas. Cert Corp Fin)" value="165">International Masters Certification In Corporate Finance (Mas. Cert Corp Fin)</option> <option label="International Masters Certification in Financial Services (Mas. Cert FS)" value="101">International Masters Certification in Financial Services (Mas. Cert FS)</option> <option label="International Masters Certification  in Islamic Finance (Mas. Cert IFB)" value="161">International Masters Certification in Islamic Finance (Mas. Cert IFB)</option> <option label="International Masters Certification  in Risk Management (Mas. Cert RM)" value="152">International Masters Certification in Risk Management (Mas. Cert RM)</option> <option label="International Masters Certification   in Risk Managment" value="114">International Masters Certification in Risk Managment</option> <option label="Degree in Wealth Management (Mas. Cert WM)" value="119"> Law Degree in Wealth Management (CWM and TJSL Degree)</option> <option label="IPO Summit" value="93">IPO Summit</option> <option label="Licensed and Master Financial Planner" value="44">Licensed and Master Financial Planner</option> <option label="Master Business Analyst (MBA)" value="167">Master Business Analyst (MBA)</option> <option label="Master Business Analyst (MB Analyst)" value="91">Master Business Analyst (MB Analyst)</option> <option label="Master Compliance Officer (MCO)" value="168">Master Compliance Officer (MCO)</option> <option label="Master Compliance Analyst &trade; (MCA)" value="117">Master Compliance Analyst ™ (MCA)</option> <option label="Certification Corporate Banker (CCB)" value="116">Accredited Qualified Corporate Banker (MCB)</option> <option label="Master Finance Manager (MFM)" value="141">AAFM Master Certified Finance Manager (MFM)</option> <option label="Master Financial Controller (MFC)" value="105">AAFM Master Financial Controller (MFC)</option> <option label="Master Financial Manager (Master Financial Manager)" value="45">Master Financial Manager (MFM)</option> <option label="Master Financial Professional (MFP)" value="46">Master Financial Professional (MFP)</option> <option label="Master Financial Professional " value="83">Master Financial Professional) (MFP)</option> <option label="Master Investment Management Analyst (MIMA)" value="47">Master Investment Management Analyst (MIMA)</option> <option label="Master Islamic Financial Professional (MIFP)" value="70">Master Islamic Financial Professional (MIFP)</option> <option label="Master Mortgage Analyst (MMA)" value="48">Master Mortgage Analyst (MMA)</option> <option label="Master Private Banker" value="49">Master Private Banker</option> <option label="Master  Wealth Manager (MWM)" value="145">Master Wealth Manager (MWM)</option> <option label="Master Project Manager (MPM)" value="99">Master Project Manager (MPM)</option> <option label="Certified Project Consultant (CPC)" value="118">Certified Project Consultant (CPC)</option> <option label="Certified Strategic Management Analyst" value="51">Qualified Strategic Planner</option> <option label="Master Wealth Manager (MWM)" value="52">Master Wealth Manager (MWM)</option> <option label="Masterclass in Wealth Management (MWM)" value="92">Masterclass in Wealth Management (MWM)</option> <option label="Oracle Financial Training" value="173">Oracle Financial Training</option> <option label="Private Equity Forum 2007" value="95">Private Equity Forum 2007</option> <option label="Project and Contract Risk Specialist (PCRS)" value="85">Project and Contract Risk Specialist (PCRS)</option> <option label="Registered Business Analyst (RBA)" value="53">Registered Business Analyst (RBA)</option> <option label="Registered Financial Analyst (RFA)" value="54">Registered Financial Analyst (RFA)</option> <option label="Registered Financial Manager (RFM)" value="55">Registered Financial Manager (RFM)</option> <option label="Registered Financial Specialist (RFS)" value="56">Registered Financial Specialist (RFS)</option> <option label="Master Islamic Financial Analyst (RIFA)" value="120">Registered Islamic Financial Professional (RIFP)</option> <option label="Registered Islamic Financial Specialist (RIFS)" value="136">Registered Islamic Financial Specialist (RIFS)</option> <option label="Registered Wealth Manager (RWM)" value="107">Registered Wealth Manager (RWM)</option> <option label="Registered Wealth Manager (RWM)" value="143">Registered Wealth Manager (RWM)</option> <option label="Qualified Wealth Manager (QWM)" value="143">Qualified Wealth Manager (QWM)</option> <option label="Accredited Financial Analyst  (AFA)" value="143">Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA)</option> </select> </div><div class="contentStyle13b"><select name="LOCATION" id="select2"> <option value="">Location</option> <option label="Abu Dhabi" value="2">Abu Dhabi</option> <option label="Cairo" value="9">Cairo</option> <option label="Dubai" value="1">Dubai</option> <option label="London" value="4">London</option> <option label="New York" value="1">New York</option> <option label="Mexico" value="1">Mexico</option> <option label="Peru" value="1">Peru</option> <option label="Brazil" value="1">Brazil</option> <option label="California" value="1">California</option> <option label="Hong Kong" value="3">Hong Kong</option> <option label="Australia" value="3">Australia</option> <option label="India Bombay Mumbai Chennai Madras" value="3">India Bombay Mumbai Chennai Madras</option> <option label="Africa" value="3">Arfica</option> <option label="Jeddah" value="6">Jeddah</option> <option label="Kuala Lumpur" value="8">Kuala Lumpur</option> <option label="Kuwait" value="5">Kuwait</option> <option label="Riyadh" value="7">Riyadh</option> <option label="Singapore" value="4">Singapore</option> <option label="Italy" value="4">Italy</option> <option label="Germany" value="4">Germany</option> <option label="Belgium" value="4">Belgium</option> <option label="Bahamas" value="4">Bahamas</option> <option label="Beijing" value="4">Beijing</option> <option label="China" value="4">China</option> <option label="Amman" value="4">Jordan</option> <option label="Colorado" value="4">Colorado</option> </select> </div><p>&nbsp;</p></div> <div class="contentStyle13c"></div></div> <p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p></div></td> </tr> <tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></table>



·  Congressional Budget Office

·  Export-Import Bank of the United States

·  Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

·  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) (USA Jobs + info)

·  Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (a.k.a. "Freddie Mac")

·  Federal National Mortgage Association (a.k.a. "Fannie Mae")

·  Federal Reserve Banks

·  Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  

·  General Accounting Office (GAO)

·  General Services Administration (GSA)

·  Government Printing Office (GPO)

·  Intelligence Community - includes the FBI, CIA, and other Federal Intelligence groups

·  Library of Congress - jobs, internships, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities

·  National Archives - jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities

·  National Credit Union Administration

·  Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

·  Social Security Administration (SSA)

·  U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

·  U.S. Courts

·   U.S. Department of Commerce

·  U.S. Department of Defense (both military and civilian jobs):

·  U.S. Department of Education - the EDHIRES system

·  U.S. Department of Energy - openings include mathematicians, economists, and engineers

·  U.S. Department of Homeland Security

·  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

·  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)  

·  U.S. Department of the Interior

·  U.S. Department of Justice 

·  U.S. Department of Labor

·  U.S. Department of State 

·  U.S. Department of the Treasury 

·  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

·  U.S. House of Representatives

·  U.S. Intelligence Community 

·  U. S. Postal Service

·  U.S. Public Health Service - student training and extern program

·  U.S. Senate

·  United States Supreme Court

·  The Whitehouse


The following are examples of types of Wealth Managers and Financial Planners

  • Portfolio managers supervise a team of analysts and select the mix of products, industries, and regions for their company’s investment portfolio. These managers not only are responsible for the overall portfolio but also are expected to explain investment decisions and strategies in meetings with investors.
  • Fund managers work exclusively with hedge funds or mutual funds. Both fund and portfolio managers frequently make split-second buy or sell decisions in reaction to quickly changing market conditions.
  • Ratings analysts evaluate the ability of companies or governments to pay their debts, including bonds. On the basis of their evaluation, a management team rates the risk of a company or government not being able to repay its bonds.
  • Risk analysts evaluate the risk in investment decisions and determine how to manage unpredictability and limit potential losses. This job is carried out by making investment decisions such as selecting dissimilar stocks or having a combination of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in a portfolio.
  • The following are examples of types of accountants:
  • Public accountants do a broad range of accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting tasks. Their clients include corporations, governments, and individuals.
  • They work with financial documents that clients are required by law to disclose. These include tax forms and balance sheet statements that corporations must provide potential investors. For example, some public accountants concentrate on tax matters, advising corporations about the tax advantages of certain business decisions or preparing individual income tax returns.
  • Management accountants, also called cost, managerial, industrial, corporate, or private accountants, record and analyze the financial information of the organizations for which they work.
  • Government accountants maintain and examine the records of government agencies and audit private businesses and individuals whose activities are subject to government regulations or taxation.
  • Internal auditors check for mismanagement of an organization’s funds. They identify ways to improve the processes for finding and eliminating waste and fraud.


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